Exhibition Room Policy

Policy on Exhibition Room Displays

The library’s Exhibition Room is a unique area of the community that allows the library to display works of local artisans. In order to preserve the Exhibition Room’s architectural integrity the following guidelines have been established. Any organization that is responsible for hosting displays in the Exhibition Room is required to sign this policy to acknowledge and adhere to its guidelines.

Schedule for Exhibition Room

The library requires a minimum of 2 months advance notice for bookings. The following dates must be provided when reserving the Exhibition Room for an art display:

  • Bring in art work
  • Hanging
  • Reception
  • Open to the public
  • Take down

The library must be notified of changes in dates and times as soon as they are realized. Any group that does not provide a minimum of 30 days cancellation notice may not be guaranteed use of the Exhibition Room in the future.

Responsibilities of Organization Hosting Displays

  • The artist(s) must take out all nails, tacks, or staples following a show.
  • Sale of art work within the facility is not permitted, but presentation of prices is acceptable.
  • A kitchenette is available. Refreshments may be served. No alcoholic beverages may be served without advance permission of the library Board and presentation of proper New York State Liquor Authority permits.
  • The library must be contacted one week prior to bringing in art work to have free-standing display units moved into the Exhibition Room.
  • Glass display cases are not always available and must be reserved when the Exhibition Room is reserved.
  • Any displays that are moved before, during or after an exhibition must be done so by library maintenance staff. Organizations’ hosting displays are encouraged to supervise.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft any item displayed or exhibited. All items that are placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk.
  • The library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, which does not allow for the censorship of content or materials. Artists are still asked to use reasonable discretion when displaying works that will be seen buy audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Adopted June 12, 1986 by the David A. Howe Public Library Board of Trustees.

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