eBooks and Audiobooks

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Getting started

Before you check out titles, you may need to do a one-time download of eReader software in order to store, listen to, and transfer your eBooks to an eBook reader for your device. You will need a library card ID (barcode number on your library card) and your PIN (for your PIN, please email the library at wellsville@stls.org).

  1. Software Choices
    1. The new Libby App for Android or iOS. (Recommended unless you have a Kindle)
    2. The OverDrive App is available for Android, iOS, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and Windows devices. It is being phased out and replaced by Libby.
    3. The Kindle App is available for Windows, iOS, and other devices.
    4. Use a browser at stls.overdrive.com or libbyapp.com.
    5. Use Adobe Digital Editions to read from or to transfer books to some devices.
  2. Find an app at:
    • Apple App Store for iOS
    • Google Playstore for Android devices
    • Amazon.com to download the Kindle app
    • Chrome Web Store for a Chromebook
  3. On your device, install your eBook reader software. For help for your device:
    1. Go to the STLS Digital Catalog website at https://stls.overdrive.com
    2. Click on Help.
    3. Click on Getting Started and scroll down to find your device.

Search the catalog

  • Browse the catalog to find books or search by title, author, or keyword.
  • At the top of the listing, items that are ready to check out will show Available and items that are checked out will show Wait List.
  • Check to see if it is an eBook or Audiobook.
  • Use an Advanced Search to limit by
    ~ format – ePub or Kindle eBooks
    ~ subject, publisher, or release date
    ~ available titles

Borrow an eBook

Borrowing is similar in both Libby and Overdrive. You may borrow up to five titles at one time. See below for Borrowing on a Kindle.

  1. Find an available book and Click the Borrow link.
  2. If asked, Choose the Southern Tier Library System.
  3. Enter your library card number and PIN ( for your PIN, please email the library at wellsville@stls.org ). If you are unable to sign in to your account, contact the library for more information. You may also sign in with an OverDrive account or Facebook account.
  4. Click the Shelf or the Library icon.  
  5. Choose a format (EPUB eBook or Kindle) to enable the download.
  6. An EPUB eBook can be opened with Libby, Adobe Digital Editions, or the OverDrive App.
  7. Kindle books must use an Amazon account and select Kindle when borrowing.

Place a hold

If a title is presently checked out, click on the “Place a hold” link. When the title becomes available, you will receive an email. It will be available for you to check out for three days or you can have it delivered later if you’re not ready for it.

Read your eBook

With Libby

  1. Open and sign in to the Libby app or go to Libbyapp.com (in a browser) and go to Shelf.
  2. Click on Open Book to download.
  3. Click on Open Book to read.

With the Overdrive App or Overdrive in a browser

  1. Open the Overdrive App or https://stls.overdrive.com/
  2. Sign in to the Southern Tier Library System.
  3. Open the Library icon. – Library Icon
  4. Download the EPUB eBook (authorize the app to read, if needed) or Read now in a browser.
  5. If downloaded, you may need to it open with Adobe Digital Editions.

Using Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Sign in to your account with an Adobe ID and go to your Bookshelf.
  3. Double click on the title. The eBook will open where you left off.
  4. Click the arrows at the bottom of the screen to “turn the page.”

Read in a Browser

  1. In your browser, go to https://stls.overdrive.com/ and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the drop down menu at “My account” and click Loans.
  3. In the eBook you want to read, Click “Read now in browser”.
  4. You can return a book here if you are finished reading it.

Borrow a Kindle Book (An Amazon account is needed)

  1. From stls.overdrive.com, find an available book and Click the Borrow link.
  2. Click the Borrow link on the window that opens showing Borrow for (7 to 21 days).
  3. Click on “Read now with Kindle”. This will automatically open the Amazon website.
  4. You will need to log in to your Amazon account, if needed.
  5. In the upper right area, Click on the “Get Library Book” button. (Below this button it should show Kindle device you want the eBook to download to.
  6. Check your Kindle app and find the eBook to begin reading.

Transfer from your computer to your non-wireless eBook reader

  1. Connect your eBook reader to your computer with its USB cable.
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Click on the eBook title.
  4. Drag and drop it to your reader name in the left panel to transfer.
  5. Disconnect your eBook reader and you’re ready to read.
Updated: October 27, 2021 — 4:56 pm